Ripple & Buying XRP – Is It worth It?


Ripple’s performance in 2017 and 2018 was extremely impressive. This encouraged investors to jump on board as they sought to cash in on the profits. But one question that remains unanswered in 2019 is whether or not this is still a viable investment to make.

To begin with, before you can make the decision to invest in Ripple or any other crypto, it is paramount that you conduct detailed personal research.

Doing so helps you not spend money on a cryptocurrency that you would come to regret later on. Furthermore, the research ensures that you determine the amount you cannot afford to lose just in case the investment goes south side.

What is Ripple?


Ripple is a real-time remittance network, currency exchange platform, and gross settlement system created by Ripple Labs Inc. made public in 2012, Ripple operates on the basis of a distributed open-source protocol and has support for tokens that represent commodities, cryptocurrency, and fiat currency.

According to Ripple Inc., their platform can facilitate global financial transactions of varying sizes in an instant and secure manner without incurring chargebacks. The ledger makes uses XRP, a decentralized cryptocurrency which has in the past two years being billed among the top 3 cryptos. The other two are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Banks and payment networks have adopted Ripple as a settlement infrastructure technology. It depends on a common shared ledger. The ledger is basically a database on which information about Ripple accounts is stored.

The management of this network is left to independent servers that validate transactions by comparing records. The servers do not belong to a particular individual or institution. They could be owned by market makers, banks, or any other person.

Ripple is able to validate accounts and balances at an instant. It then transmits the payment and delivers notification without incurring much latency. The whole process is completed in seconds. Payment cannot be reversed and neither are there chargebacks.

The main reason why the company chose to create XRP was so that banks and financial institutions could transfer money with minimal wait-time and fees. XRP has been widely adopted thanks to the efficiency with which it operates and also the potential the crypto holds for investors. In December 2017, the crypto briefly became the second largest valued at $73 billion.

But things haven’t been all rosy. In May 2018, Ripple was slapped with a lawsuit in which it was claimed that the firm led a scheme which resulted in billions of coins being created out of nowhere. What the lawsuit basically said was that Ripple launched an Initial Coin Offering that never ended.

As you can see, there is both good and bad repute that tags Ripple. The Big Question is: should you invest?

To answer your question, one cannot just jump into drawing conclusions. Rather, it is important to look at the merits and demerits involved to know what we are dealing with here.

Benefits of Ripple/XRP


Fast transactions: There is no doubt that transactions done in XRP are completed within the shortest time possible (seconds). You can complete a transaction at an almost instant. The maximum processing time recorded so far was 4 seconds.

Favorable rates: The rates in XRP are some of the cheapest in the market. A transaction is charged less than a penny. As at the moment, it stands at $0.004.

Numerous partnerships: To ensure that it covers as many users as possible, Ripple has entered into a partnership with more than 100 banks. Some of the most notable ones are Barclays, American Express, JP Morgan, UBS, Bank of America, Standard Chartered, and Santander. This widespread partnership also works to give Ripple some kind of trustworthiness.

Transparency: Just like it is expected of any crypto, XRP blockchain facilitates transparency. But this blockchain takes things a notch higher but featuring the latest technology not witnessed in most blockchains. What this means is that all transactions are in the public domain and literally none will take place without getting recorded on the blockchain. In the long run, cases of fraud are mitigated as the public ledger cannot be changed or altered.

Completely decentralized: Some cryptocurrencies often claim that they are decentralized but in the real sense that is not true. A truly decentralized cryptocurrency is one in which the central authority like the Government or Federal Reserve does not have back doors to it. XRP is one such as transactions are peer-to-peer.

Having read these merits, it is pretty clear that XRP has a lot it can offer you. If you are pleased with the advantages, then this is definitely the kind of crypto you would like to give a try. But let us not just focus on the merits before making the final investment decision. The figures are equally important. As it is said, numbers don’t lie.

A Look Into the Future of XRP/Ripple


As at the moment, Ripple is the third largest cryptocurrency. Ever since its introduction, the crypto rose by more than 35,000% to get to the position that it currently holds.

In 2017, XRP grew at such a rapid rate that it outdid both Bitcoin and Ethereum for that year. To top these interesting stats XRP is currently working with the top 100 Unites States and global banks. The trust that these banks give the crypto is a clear indication that they see a future in it.

The overall goal of Ripple is to streamline the process of sending and receiving money. It seeks to ensure that money can be sent from one bank to another instantly and at lower costs. This would be achieved via the XRP crypto.

XRP introduces quite an interesting irony. For starters, many crypto people have a strong dislike for banks. However, the full setup of the cryptocurrency is in such a manner that banks would be the main beneficiaries. Well, we have no choice but to be open-minded. Banks are not going away any time soon.

Once fully adopted, XRP will be a major saver for banks regarding fees. Given that transactions are completed within seconds, it means more will be done. Furthermore, the public ledger that powers XRP as an extra security layer ensuring that transactions are done without being tampered with.


Ripple (XRP) is a worthy investment. Its setup is in such a way that not only is it embraced by crypto traders but also by cash enabled crypto exchanges. The European BitPanda and London-based CEX are some of the exchanges that have integrated Ripple into their operations.

For those who would like to invest in the cryptocurrency, you can use cash to buy it from BitPanda for these residing within European borders. CEX is accessible to anyone across the world.

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