What Is A Hard Fork?


There’s more than one way a hard fork can be defined. One definition of the technical perspective is that a hard fork is a lasting amendment in the rules of the blockchain digital currency. Once that happens, the new chain does not follow the old chain rules. For example, the new chain would reject any blocks extracted via the old law. Therefore, a hard fork is called the change in the protocol of the digital …

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What Is a Bitcoin ATM & Is It Safe?


The development of cryptocurrency seems to have expanded tremendously with the innovativeness in the application of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) being added as one of its laudable feats. Recently, cryptocurrency ATMs appeared on the Internet promoting Bitcoin’s ever-increasing acceptance. Coin ATM Radar puts the total number of crypto ATMs at the time of this writing at 5597 and is located in 74 countries. A Bitcoin ATM is a device, similar to conventional ATMs, through which …

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Top 5 Factors that Influence Bitcoin Price


You must have seen in the news or heard from friends about the constant changes in Bitcoin prices. The free movement of the price and the decentralization is what has attracted people to the assets. There’s potential to profit from price changes when trading online with systems like Bitcoin Loophole, or when you buy and sell crypto assets on exchanges. But the changes also hide a risk for loss. These changes take place because the …

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All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Price Graph


Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious individual who blessed us with Bitcoin. Since then, this cryptocurrency has undergone tremendous changes, sometimes increasing in value while at other time declining. But how does the value change? How can you tell Bitcoin’s current value? Converting this cryptocurrency into the fiat currency of your choice is the best way to determine its worth. The decision to buy Bitcoin, sell or retain your coins is hugely determined by its current …

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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Investment Approaches for Greater Profits


Succeeding as a cryptocurrency trader is closely related to the kind of strategy used. If you want to make it in this highly lucrative and profitable industry, it’s vital that you carefully select your strategy. Make sure that you have a better grasp of this approach so that there are no regrets later on. Some traders are known to combine more than one strategy at a time. Doing so is also allowed as long as …

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Pros & Cons of Taking Part in ICOs


ICOs operate in an almost similar manner as IPOs, except that they give modern companies a more upper hand when raising funds. They do so through selling tokens as opposed to stocks or shares. An individual can purchase the tokens using different kinds of funds like Fiat currencies, Ether, or Bitcoin. Whereas Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, Ether is a token. The decision to participate in ICOs is influenced by the combination of both the pros and …

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Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency: What Is It?


Ever since Facebook announced that it will be releasing its own cryptocurrency, so many interested parties have tried to gain a glimpse of what this is. What is Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency all about? Read on to find out. All about Facebook Libra   Libra is a form of cryptocurrency created by Facebook. The multi-billion dollar company says that this crypto will be used to reduce the cost and increase the speed of sending money online. …

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High-Frequency Trading & Crypto – Do It with Bots


High-frequency trading, HFT, entails using algorithmic trading programs that make it possible for an investor to execute thousands of high-speed trades in an easy manner. It is a type of trading that started in proprietary trading firms and hedge funds but soon found its way in crypto trading. HFT is well known for giving firms a competitive advantage over regular investors. This is the number one reason why it has gained so much momentum. However, …

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What Dangers Does Cryptocurrency Hide?


As you get prepared to begin investing in cryptocurrency, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the impending dangers. Knowing these dangers will give you an upper hand in developing strategies for overcoming them. In this article, you will be taken through all existing cryptocurrency dangers. The idea is not to scare you away. Rather, it is intended on giving you proper guidance so that you can have a strong and safe …

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The Idea & History of Initial Coin Offerings


A bigger number of companies and individuals continuously turn to initial coin offerings (ICOs) as a way to raise the much-needed capital for an investment opportunity. Before jumping into the bandwagon, you need to have a detailed understanding of what it entails. This article covers all the basics so that you can make a wise decision. Meaning of Initial Coin Offering Traditionally, companies have always used a wide range of ways to raise the much-needed …

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