Paxful’s New Survey Reveals Growing Interest In Crypto In India

Paxful’s New Survey Reveals Growing Interest In Crypto In India

As people in India bargains with the longterm effect of the global financial crisis and lack trust in the traditional services sector, a new survey recommends there’s a growing interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments amongst them. Recently, Paxful, a peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace, conducted a survey investigating the opinion and interest of the people in India on digital currency. The result showed that more and more Indians are interested in crypto adoption in India. The …

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Lawsuits Target Binance, Civic, Tron

Major cryptocurrency firms are facing class-action lawsuits in New York after irregularities were seen in their transaction with U.S. investors. The Offshore alert reported that the Southern District of New York received not less than ten complaints that firms are selling unregistered securities, in the form of crypto tokens, to U.S. investors. The targets of the lawsuits included Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, and HDR Global, BitMEX operator. Major blockchain projects, including Tron, Civic, Block.One, …

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Survey: Indians Hold Crypto Because Banks is Inefficient

A federal state in South Asia, the second-largest country after China, the seventh-largest territory in the world, India, or the Republic of India has made cryptocurrency payments more and more popular among its citizens. In its aim to gain control of the industry and to protect clients and investors against money laundering, the Indian government developed new regulations for operations. However, cryptocurrency in India remains uncertain. Paxful, a peer-to-peer Bitcoin platform with branches in more …

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Booming Trend of Cryptocurrency Takes On India Again

Booming Trend of Cryptocurrency Takes On India Again

Cryptocurrency trading is in the rise on the online trading scene, garnering a lot of interest from potential investors and traders around the world. In this era of modern technology, mostly of the people believes that investing in this kind of business is a great deal and a good business decision. This cryptocurrency trend dominates almost all the country in the world. For the center of the business trade in the world the United States …

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Bitcoin Technology an Aid for COVID-19 Research

As the days past, with the unceasing raise in numbers of people who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Agencies and people in the medical field are struggling and giving a lot of efforts in order to make or discover the cure that everybody in the world needs to end this pandemic war that we are all in this time. From pharmaceutical companies to government agencies, even scientist, doctors and medical technologist are all one …

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Bitcoin Still Experiencing Continuous Price Movements

Bitcoin is in the middle of unceasing price movements in this past few days, according to reports. During this past days Bitcoin is still struggling to bring back its price stability amidst big gaps recorded in the market. Cryptocurrency trade as to analyst is in an unstable state and greatly affected by the current global and economic problems. Mainly the price movement is affected by some interruptions and movements in the stock market of United …

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Santander Rippled-based Solution to Reach Mexico

A major Spanish bank, Banco Santander is preparing to reach Mexico to offer its Rippled-based payments services. The huge bank confirmed that it has already filed an application to the Securities Exchange Commission on March 6. Moreover, Banco Santander plans to roll-out a new payment solution in Mexico within the first half of 2020. This new payment system will be based on the Ripple cryptocurrency. Santander confirmed that it had filed its application to the …

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Global crypto communities vs. COVID19


Cases of the deadly coronavirus are rapidly increasing at an unprecedented rate all over the world that it continues to sweep the headline every day. The blockchain and crypto industries joined the global battle against covid-19 through joint research and charitable initiatives, including campaigns to purchase masks, sanitation equipment, and medical supplies for distribution to affected areas around the globe. The premier cryptocurrency Binance had already conducted “Binance for Wuhan” project and donated medical supplies …

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Covid-19 Triggers Social Media, Bitcoin Pandemic


As of March 29, 2020, the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has 720, 480 cases and 33, 917 deaths around the globe. The virus is rapidly spreading in 199 countries and territories and two cruise ships, Diamond Princess and the Holland America’s MS Zaandam. The unprecedented rise in the mortality rate of the deadly virus alarmed the whole world. Covid-19 caused an uproar in social media and the rise of bitcoin as lockdowns heighten everywhere. Covid-19 and …

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China Pioneers Digital Currency for Economic Recovery


Early in the first quarter of this year, a pandemic outbreak shocked the world affecting not only the human population, but also the economic stability of each country worldwide. From countries considered as third world countries to highly urbanized first world countries no one had made their economy safe in the effects of the pandemic outbreak. Even China, a highly urbanized country and known as an Asian Giant in terms of global industrial trade. Sadly …

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