Atlantis Hard Fork Has Been Successfully Implemented By Ethereum Classic


Activation of Atlantis hard fork has been successfully done by the team behind ETC – Ethereum Classic, one of the main competitors of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Atlantis hard fork is a protocol change that has created a new, separate Altcoin universe for users.

It will help platforms to fix important security risks which they couldn’t in the old version, to improve and add new functionality and, sometimes, to reverse transactions.

But most importantly, the aim behind the implementation of Atlantis hard fork is to improve the compatibility and functionality of altcoin with Ethereum. This will increase the investment opportunities of traders, especially since the attitude toward the assets as a store-for-value is quite clear.

Twitter was used for the announcement of this news in a post by Yaz Khoury, ETC Director of Developer Relations on 12th September.

On the Planned Path

ETC has been successful in performing the Atlantis hard fork according to the time that was estimated beforehand itself for some time between 12th or 12th September 2019 at 8,772,000 block height.

ETC labs told in June about their community being in several meetings to determine a time, discuss scope and involvement and deciding on the timing and direction for the release of Atlantis.

The Atlantis hard fork is administered with an aim to improve security in a way that it concentrates on the concerns of the community. It is not a rushed update, this ensures the compatibility of Ethereum with ETC to make collaboration with sibling blockchains easier.

As previously reported in June, contributors and developers contemplated putting the hard fork on the 8.75 million blockchain number, estimated to run on 15th September.

Although, ETC labs eventually moved in favor of increasing the block number to achieve the projected update completed within the week, so that more included parties are present to observe and fix issues that might arise.

Industry Players Show Support

After the announcement of the hard fork, ETC received joined support from various industry players that include OKEx, a crypto exchange.

Exchanges started showing support from 10th September, along with a warning about handling technical issues and resume services as soon as the ETC mainnet becomes stable.

As of yesterday, Bitfinex, another crypto exchange platform announced its support for Atlantis as well. And this means using investment tools might spike soon enough.