Lend Your Crypto Retirement Fund With Bitcoin IRA


Sooner Bitcoin IRA’s will allow lending of retirement assets in the market for interest by their customers.

The partnership between Bitcoin IRA and Genesis Trading would bring a new initiative under which customers will be able to lend their cash and crypto holdings in return of interest. These holdings include ether, Bitcoin, litecoin, XRP and zcash. Notably, the IRA is a firm that deals in providing individual retirement accounts of digital currencies unlike ordinary trading system.

The launch of the program is scheduled in November and the participants have to grab the first mover’s advantage as the participants of the program will be chosen on the basis of first-come and first-serve. The lending length of the coin and the type of coin would determine the yearly rate of interest.

Although the limit is not yet specified still, Chris Kline who is the COO of the company say’s that complete disbursement and availability of the product would take place in upcoming 6 to 7 months.

He added,” that the company is supposed to innovate something new and is desired that the clients must be aware of all its aspects and also the operation of the product goes well.

He even said that companies objective of removing custodial fees and monthly wallet fees would get benefitted through it. Still, no hints on the interest rate estimates were given.

In context to interest rates, Kline said, that the actual figures and rest of the information could be shared once they get the result on it. He said the interest of 8 to 12 per cent is offered by fewer groups. Those numbers usually have asterisks beside them. The range of such numbers varies from 2 to 4 per cent. One might observe that someone may position a 12 per cent rate for 3 days on bitcoin. The selection of Genesis was based on its track record and its ability to manage and have new clients.

As of now, the investments done by IRA are $350 million+ that are oriented for 4000+ clients. A sum of $2.3 billion is already lent by Genesis till now in cash and cryptocurrencies.

The expansion of this product is going to strengthen the relations between Bitcoin IRA and Genesis. IRA was already using the over-the-counter trading of Genesis.

The Genesis Sales and Trading department co-head Martin Garcia said “Bitcoin IRA is the largest provider of digital IRA and the company is overwhelmed to work with the leading business in the field.

Legal Battle Doesn’t Stop It

The partnership between Bitcoin IRA and Genesis doesn’t get affected from the ongoing suit alleged on the pension plan firm. The lawsuit is between a trust-based in Kentucky named as Kingdom Trust and Bitcoin IRA. Once Kingdom Trust supported Bitcoin IRA’s product as a custodian.

As per the claim made by Kingdom Trust, Bitcoin IRA was involved in misleading practices that switches the customers from the Trust to BitGo. BitGo partnered with IRA in June as an eligible custodian.

Kingdom Trust’s president, Jason Anderson told, ” that the transfer was not at all informed and clients were suspicious on it. Under many cases, clients have urged to undo the transfer”.

The federal judge of Kentucky had dismissed the claim on Friday with prejudice. Now motion is filed by Bitcoin IRA that proceedings should take place in South Dakota as they have already filed a countersuit over there.

The suit has not stopped Bitcoin IRA to release its products. A new facial authentication feature was added by the firm at the beginning of September for its transactions. After that, the company last month announced that no delay is going to happen in the swapping of bitcoin to ether.

In the coming year, the firm is all set to replace the limit of $3000 with a monthly increment on savings automatically. This would help the firm to acquire a larger market share with a diversified base of customers. An idea of 50 dollars for a month has been given by Kline. He said this would be the biggest rollout for the firm. To provide cryptocurrencies as the retirement savings this will be designed.