Nervos Network Get’s Funding From Polychain and CMBI


The STO by Nervos network is getting participation from various institutions including the ones having government authority.

As per sources, on 16th October, the Nervos network is going to receive an unknown amount for funding its STO i.e Security Token Offering. This funding would be done in 2 weeks. As per a reliable news source, the STO will be receiving another amount of $5.7 million from Polychain Capital.

The co-founder of Nervos project, Kevin Wang said that the STO will be receiving another undisclosed amount through CMBI (China Merchants Bank International). The China Merchants Bank owns the CMBI completely. However, out of the 10 shareholders of CMBI, 7 belong to the institutions that are either partly or fully owned by the government.

About the political scenarios of banking in China, there are possibilities of Chinese banks going to be removed from the dollar economy like Iranian banks due to persisting tensions over violation of alleged sanctions, as reported by a reputable source. Hence, it could be the reason why Chain News, a Chinese news outlet shared the news of CMBI investing in Nervos network. This investment is triggered to build a new investment bak and an open platform. However, the news is not yet confirmed by CMBI.

Also, Wang is not aware of the plans and expectations, he said to a reliable news source, Being a strategic partner, the CMBI holds the right to utilize financial plans as well as other applications requiring blockchain. The Nervos network is trying to benefit the bank in all manners through its infrastructure.

Before STO, there were ways through which Nervos token has received investments through CMBI. Before this offering, the bank has invested in this $28 million project through sales contracts that guarantee 14% of the sale in the ending of 2019 of its initial tokens.

To simplify the flow of capital in cryptocurrencies, Huobi which suppose to be a crypto giant is planning a partnership with the Nervos Network. This partnership will develop a DeFi platform (decentralized finance) for the purpose.

Going to DeFi through STO

The goal of decentralization is the best ambition, also if both the partners create a capital flow system. The requirement of node operators and miners persists if the network wants to keep the system free from censorship, which can happen due to diversification.

As per the strategical plan, only business partnerships and open-source contributions are authorised to incentivize the initial supply of token which is 23.5%.

Joseph Eagan, the president of Polyhain capital said, at an early stage it is difficult to say whether the Nervos network would use this fund for crypto mining or running a node. He even added that this funding will result in one of the most profitable investments. Eagan said, in the entire world, this project would be their highest conviction project.

On the contrary, there are more institutes, particularly banks that are showing their interest in the crypto industry. In context to the WEG Bank AG, there are 2 shareholders of this bank who operate their partially owned startup of DEX, making channels for german banks to enter into decentralized exchanges. Forthcoming Malta’s Founders Bank has Binance as its shareholder. Reportedly, Binance is an exchange giant and is working on his owned DEX startup.

In response to this, Eagan said, one cannot assume the forthcoming Nervos platform will have higher users from traditional institutes. Naturally, the use of protocols will increase within one to two years by developers. As of now, Eagan believes to wait and watch the primary users of the platform.